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Step One: Consultation and diagnostics


Share your complaints with us and our medical staff will provide you with a free initial consultation, explaining what sorts of documents you will need to present to the specialists of a respective clinic. We will translate all of the needed documents into Turkish.


After the initial consultation with the specialists, we will inform you about the diagnosis and provide our conclusion regarding the necessity of treatment in Turkey, and if it is necessary about your visit to Turkey for additional consultations.

Step Two: Planning the treatment and arranging the visit


At this stage our team will organize the entire program of your treatment and stay in Turkey. We will take care of every single detail whether it has to do with the tickets and hotel bookings, Visa support or arranging transfers. 

Step Three: Treatment and rehabilitation


Now when you’re in Turkey it’s time to relax, since we will accompany you during your whole stay here.


At this stage our main duty is to ensure your maximum comfort, maximum support and maximum efficiency.

Step Four: Excursions and entertainment


Who said treatment has to be boring and tiring? Turkey is a country with amazing people, history, culture and architecture.

With the help of our professional tourist guides you will definitely discover this country from a completely new perspective and gain amazing experiences.


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Myths and truths about IVF

Why Turkey?

It is essential to overcome existing stereotypes. Modern-day Turkish medicine is:


- Highly qualified

- Highly technological

- Highly responsible

- Highly accessible 


Turkey additionally provides very easy Visa regulations with a great number of transportation options. 

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